The congregation of PGPC has boomed to a tremendous army for God in central Mississippi, from a church that started under a Brush Arbor just a 1/2 a mile from our present location. 

It all started 80 years ago on a front porch, with men and women talking about the Revelation of Jesus name with traveling preachers and evangelists. People began to receive the precious gift of the Holy Ghost! In an effort to share what they had received with the whole world, they started having church in their front yard! Finally, it grew until many had received this life changing experience.

This present property was donated and a wood frame building was moved on location by charter members. After it was filled up with tongue-talking believers, a brick building was erected for the Glory of God in 1974! These people who were delivered from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and many other addictions, felt the must share their hope with everyone. They needed a larger place to worship.

In 1997, a Gym was built for the youth department, but by 2002 the church had exploded with revival! The congregation had to utilize the gym for church services until they could build a tabernacle to house the growth of the church.

In 2003, Pine Grove Pentecostal Church began worshipping in the building now known as the fellowship hall. It was soon filled to capacity and great revival continued! Many more souls were delivered from sin, depression, and addictions, with each testifying that all they had longed for in life, they discovered in this great church. 

PGPC had the honor of building a 30,000 square foot auditorium for the Glory of God in 2012. God is pouring out his Spirit like never before on Pine Grove. With many miracles, signs, and wonders happening in our church, we will have MUCH more to write about the history of this great church!